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 The Compassionate Friends - Pittsburgh Chapter provides support for people whose children, grandchildren, or siblings have passed away.  Monthly meetings are usually held on the last Sunday of every month, with some exceptions.  More information on our meetings can be found here.  Home meetings (hosted by our members, for our members), are held occasionally.  Please see our Membership page for information on becoming a member of our chapter.
Our chapter brochure can be downloaded here!
  Upcoming Meetings
Next monthly meeting: Our next monthly meeting will be on Sunday, May 31, 2020. Details can be found on our Monthly Meetings page.  THIS WILL BE A VIRTUAL MEETING OVER THE INTERNET VIA ZOOM. AN EMAIL INVITATION TO THE MEETING HAS BEEN SENT TO OUR MEMBERS.
Next home meeting: June 18. Visit our Home Meetings page for details. 
 Chapter Locator
If you are a member (or a friend) of a family that has suffered the death of a child, The Compassionate Friends is here to help you and provide support for the family.
Feel free to contact TCF's National Office at 877-969-0010 or email nationaloffice@compassionatefriends.org. You will always hear a friendly voice on the other end of the line.
Use this chapter locator to find out information about other chapters throughout the country. Enter Here
 Updated: 5/28/2020
Monthly Meeting Date and Program
Our next monthly meeting will be held on Sunday, May 31, 2020. TCF Program Director, Lillian Meyers, will speak about Loss & Grief: Hope, Healing and Reconnections. 
Our calendar of 2020 meeting dates can be downloaded here! Copies are also available at the welcome table at our regular monthly meetings. Be sure to pick one up the next time you join us!
Chapter Notes
Possible changes to or cancelations of our meetings - Due to the current coronavirus public health crisis, our upcoming monthly meetings may need to be held online or may be canceled.  Please check this website and/or your email (if you are a member of TCF-Pittsburgh Chapter) for updates and information.  We hope you all stay safe and healthy!  If you need support or someone to talk to during these unprecendented times, please call us at (412) 835-1105 or email compassion@tcfpittsburgh.org and we will get you connected with one of our volunteers. 
Butterfly Release - As of now, our annual Butterfly Release is scheduled for Sunday, August 30, 2020.  We are asking for volunteers to help us with preparing for this event. If you are interested, please call or email us at the above contact information. The more helpers we have, the better.  Thank you! If we need to cancel, we will inform you well ahead of time on this website and/or through email.